Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama Passes Anti-Union Law

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently signed Senate Bill 231 into law, which punishes companies that voluntarily recognize labor unions.

Under this new law, if a company accepts state incentives and its workers try to organize a union, that company must use the Secret Ballot path while simultaneously PROHIBITING Card Check or Majority Sign-Up. If it doesnít, the company loses its economic incentives.

The Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council fought against SB231. We thank our Alabama Brothers and Sisters for stepping up and helping lobby against this law. Nearly 250 carpenters and millwrights responded to the Councilís call for members to send letters to their state representatives demanding that they vote against SB231 - and why it mattered. Thatís about 46% of those who received the email or text.

We may have lost this battle, but our overall effort to support candidates who support Carpenter issues such as SB231 is definitely making good progress.

Keep up the great work, and thank you again for your activism!