Volunteer Incentive Program Shines in 2023 - Renewed for 2024

The Volunteer Incentive Program - started in 2023 - was a resounding success and has been renewed for 2024! The VIP program tracks members who volunteer for any external Local Union activity and reward them for their efforts. The more you volunteer, the more rewards you collect!

Volunteer for 1 activity - get a "Beware" t-shirt
Volunteer for 3 activities - get a $100 gift card
Volunteer for 5 activities - get a $250 gift card 

In 2023, about 150 members participated and helped us move Local Union and political initiatives forward across the Council's five states! Last year, 139 members received a t-shirt, 11 members received a $100 gift card, and 1 member received a $250 gift card.

A qualifying activity is a political, organizing, recruitment, retention, or community project.
The volunteering member must be in good standing to qualify.
The activity must be approved by your home Local.
Winners for each category are submitted by the Local.
Staff members are not eligible.

Keep up the great work!